Honoring Nipsey Hussle 💙🏁

It’s been little more than a week since Nipsey Hussle’s death and we are still processing everything, just like so many of you. We pay tribute to him with a playlist curated by our very own R33kz, who reflected on Naybahood Nip in a piece for Culture Honey. Stream “Slauson’s Finest” on Spotify, Apple Music and TIDAL.

We salute Nipsey Hussle for his extensive music catalog, including the Grammy-nominated Victory Lap and the landmark projects, Crenshaw and Mailbox Money, which he sold through his Proud2Pay platform for $100 and $1,000 respectively. Besides being a game-changing rapper, Nipsey was an entrepreneur who revolutionized what it means to be a businessman. Perhaps what we love most about Nipsey Hussle’s legacy is how he was a genuinely kind person who really cared.

The Marathon Continues.